Land and Resource Use Planning

Introduction to the planning context in Eeyou Istchee

The expanding role of Eeyou Eenou in the governance of Eeyou
Istchee shows that the Nation is ready, willing, and has the capacity
to put a Cree footprint on land and resource management.

The Eeyou Planning Commission has the mandate to develop a Cree
planning Vision, to develop a Regional Land and Resource Use Plan
for category II lands, and also to work towards building the capacity
to engage on land and resource planning related activities throughout all of Eeyou Istchee.

To achieve this, the EPC works collaboratively with our regional
planning partners in order to ensure that land and resource
management work as best as possible with the collective vision,
interests and aspirations of the Crees.

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Introduction to this Document


A planning Vision reflects an image of the future. It refers to a long-term target, which focuses on social progress, cultural & environmental preservation and a sustainable economy.

The EPC Vision for land and resource use planning reflects the priorities which emerged from what we heard during our consultations with the Cree communities.

The purpose of this planning Vision is to provide clarity, transparency, and to serve as the foundation for the development of grounded and coherent documents regarding lands and resources planning.



Eeyou Eenou continue to occupy the land and carry on Eeyou Eenou iiyihtuuwin

Eeyou Eenou pimaatisiiwin is central to decision-making

Sensitive habitats, cultural sites, and waterways/water sources are respected

Eeyou Eenou autonomy and ability to care for the land is enhanced

Eeyou Istchee is resilient. All impacts on environment are understood, managed and mitigated effectively

Eeyou Eenou lead economic growth and development that uphold Eeyou Eenou values (itschihamachawin)

Every resource is used responsibly and sustainably to minimize consumption and waste



Respect of Cree values

Eeyou Istchee has no dividing lines


Greater Adaptability

Informed Decision-Making

Transparency: The people’s right to know

Building on Past Accomplishments