Two sunny days in Nemaska

The Eeyou Planning Commission (EPC) met in mid-September in Nemaska, one week after the community’s 42nd anniversary celebrations.

Thank you to Matthew Tanoush, Commissioner for Nemaska, for his help in organizing this meeting. All members of the Commission had the pleasure of eating traditional dishes at the Shaapuhtuwaan: moose spaghetti, moose stew, fried and smoked sturgeon, and more. It was delicious!

During these two days, interesting discussions were held related to land use planning.

Among other things, discussions about the next steps to activate our work at the regional level in Eeyou Istchee, and the potential tools that are available to help us in this work. The group also explored promising technical methods and software to develop local capacities in communities for planning and analysis.

In relation to the regional work and the importance of collaborating with all planning partners, the Commissioners welcomed 2 representatives of the Eeyou Marine Region Planning Commission who updated the EPC on their activities.

The Commission also worked on a glossary of words related to the context of our work and translated into coastal and inland Cree. This document will be shared on this site, and any suggestions and comments will be more than welcome to improve continuously this glossary.

If you have any questions on the EPC and its work, feel free to contact us