Regional Report

Combines the key elements emerging from the community-level reports

Each Cree community has its own distinctive history, culture, and concerns. Despite the great diversity of Cree community experiences, many of the goals expressed by community members across Eeyou Istchee addressed similar themes and issues.

In the Regional Synthesis Report, we summarize the key themes and elements that emerged across the communities and that will inform the Commission's work in the coming years.

The main themes that emerged from the Cree community consultations on values, issues and visions for land and resource use planning were the following:

Cree Occupation of the Land

  • Condition of the land
  • Access to the land
  • Cost of accessing and staying on the land
  • Transmission of traditional skills

Governance and Lands Management

  • Information, communication and public participation
  • Role of Elders and experienced land users
  • Tallyman and trapline system
  • Management of hunting, trapping and fishing pressure
  • Waste management and littering at camps and in communities
  • Recreational cabins and hunting and fishing by non-Crees

Eeyou Culture and Language

  • Cultural programs
  • Culture camps

Regional Economic Activity and Cree Employment

  • Participation in regional economic development
  • Industrial development on Cree terms
  • Economic activities with low environmental impact
  • Local employment and returns from development

Protection of Environment and Wildlife

  • Protection of ecologically sensitive sites
  • Protection of culturally sensitive sites
  • Protection of wildlife
  • Protection of freshwater resources
  • Cumulative nature of environmental impacts

Industrial Development of Natural Resources

  • Forestry
  • Hydroelectric power generation
  • Mining

To learn more about these themes, you can consult the full version of the Regional Report by clicking here.