Planning Information

Land and resource use planning helps balance development and environment protection

Section 1

About Regional Land and Resource Use Planning

1.1   Land and Resource Planning :

  • Is being implemented following the signing of the 2012 Agreement on Governance in Eeyou Istchee.

  • Helps balance development and environment protection.

  • Takes into account the social, cultural, environmental and economic interests of all.

1.2   And it matters because:

  • It is an opportunity to build a common vision for the future of Eeyou Istchee;

  • It is an opportunity to voice your concerns and priorities for your land;

  • It can help in protecting the land, wildlife, and the Cree way of life (Eeyou Eetun)

  • It is can assist in developing a strong and sustainable Cree economy

Section 2

Land and Resource Use Planning Responsibilities

2.1   Category II Lands

The core responsibility of the EPC is the development of a Regional Land and Resource Use Plan (RLRUP) for Category II lands.

The RLRUP is intended to guide planning and decision-making on Category II lands, with respect to development and lands management.

2.2   Outside Category II Lands

In the other areas of Eeyou Istchee, the EPC will work collaboratively with the regional planning partners to share knowledge and resources.

The EPC will also ensure that the provisions of these other land use plans are harmonized.

This collaboration work includes:

  • Working with the Cree First Nations, which are responsible for planning in Category I lands.

  • Working with the Natural Resource Committe (NRC) of the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Regional Government (EIJBRG), which is responsible for planning in Category III lands.

  • Working with the Eeyou Marine Region Planning Commission (EMRPC), which is responsible for planning in the offshore marine area.


Section 3

Harmonized Land Use Plans in Eeyou Istchee

3.1   Harmonization and collaboration

In order to harmonize the various land and resource use plans, the EPC is working toward building a collective Cree land and resource use vision for the whole of Eeyou Istchee.

The EPC is working collaboratively with regional planning partners in order to harmonize the various land use plans so that they reflect,as best as possible, the collective vision, interests and aspirations of the Crees.

The purpose of this high-level planning exercise is:

  • To facilitate the development of common goals and strong relationships.

  • To harmonize the various land use plans so that they reflect, as best as possible, the collective vision, interests and aspirations of the Crees.