Community Consultations

Community Level Reports

In ancient times as in the present, Crees have always planned their use of the land. Understanding that the well-being of Eeyou Istchee is a pre-condition to the well-being of Crees, and that everything on the land is deserving of respect, Crees considered and planned out their hunting, fishing, trapping, harvesting and travels across the land with the greatest of care.

In 2017, the Commissioners and the EPC Secretariat staff worked in the nine communities to introduce land use planning to community members and to solicit input on land and resource use planning.

The commission organized "open house" events in community centers for presentation, discussions and to carry out interviews with land users, Elders, youth, women, and local government representatives.

In early 2018, we compiled and summarized this input into a series of nine reports.