About Eeyou Planning Commission

The EPC was established by the Cree Nation Government  to assist with land and resource planning responsibilities in Eeyou Itschee.


Our Mandates

Building a collective vision for land and resource use for Eeyou Istchee.

Developing a regional and resource use plan for category II lands.

Working collaboratively with regional planning partners in order to harmonize the various land use plans so that they reflect the collective vision and aspirations of the Crees.

To learn more about land and resource use planning and EPC responsibilities, consult our section Planning Information.

Who sits on the Commission?

The Eeyou Planning Commission is composed of ten commissioners each appointed by one of the Cree communities and is chaired by the Deputy Grand Chief Norman Wapachee.

CommunityCommissionerAlternate Commissioners
ChisasibiSheree HouseJames Bobbish
EastmainRaymond ShanoushAlvin Cheezo
MistissiniHubert PetawabanoGerald Longchap
NemaskaMatthew TanoushRose Wapachee
Ouje BougoumouArthur BosumBenny Blacksmith
Washaw SibiBilly Katapatuk Sr.
WaskaganishBarbara HesterDarryl A. Salt
WaswanipiSteven BlacksmithHenry George Gull
WemindjiElmer GeorgekishJohnny Mark
WhapmagoostuiEddie Masty

EPC Secretariat Staff

The staff of the Land Use Planning team from the Cree Nation Government's Department of Environment and Remedial Works also serve as Secretariat for the EPC, providing technical and operational support and expertise. The EPC Secretariat team is composed of Christopher Beck, Manager of Land Use Planning, Sarah-Anne Brochu-Hébert, Land Use Planning Advisor, Merlin Whiskeychan , Land Use Planning Officer, and Jessica Labrecque, Land Use Specialist.

chris photo

Christopher Beck

Manager of Land Use Planning

Jessica Labreque

Land Use Specialist

Sarah-Anne B-Hebert

Land Use Planning Advisor

Merlin Whiskeychan

Land Use Planning Officer

Communication Policies

This tool is especially helpful to ensure trust between the Commission and the entities with whom it collaborates on land and resource use matters in Eeyou Istchee, whether at community, regional, or provincial levels.