A Training on ArcGIS Online

In February, the Eeyou Planning Commission (EPC) held its first meeting of 2020. In addition to the regular meeting session, the EPC held a full day training session on ArcGIS Online. This platform is an important resource. The EPC can use for its land and resource use planning work at the regional scale, and the Cree First Nations can use for their work at the community and traplines scale.

What is ArcGIS Online?
ArcGIS Online is a platform through which Cree Nation Governement (CNG) can facilitate easy access and sharing of a wide range of data (Forestry, Mining, Energy, Administrative boundaries, etc.). These data layers come from the different ministries of the Government of Quebec, and the CNG, as well as from other sources.

About the Training
The training was developed and led by the GIS team from the CNG Environment and Remedial Works Department. Approximately 25 people were trained, including EPC Commissioners and Alternate Commissioners with a few technical support staff that accompanied them, as well as a staff person from the regional Cree Trappers Association (CTA).

The training was designed to allow participants to become familiar with the ArcGIS Online platform and learn how it can serve in their daily work.

What are the features of ArcGIS Online?
As mentioned above, it allows people to visualize many characteristics and activities on their territories (from forestry and mining to watersheds, archaeological sites, Cree Place Names and a lot more). In addition to access data quickly, ArcGIS Online makes it possible to create maps, share information and maps to collaborators and even perform simple analysis.

Access and Follow-ups
Each EPC Commissioner and Alternate Commissioners now has access to ArcGIS Online, and it can be shared with their technical team so they can all use it.

In the context of our next EPC meetings, follow-ups will be ensured to allow Commissioners and their respective teams to take full advantage of this tool.